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General contract conditions

Blaguss-Minibus-Service GmbH’s general contract conditions

  1. Price agreements relate only to fixed travel routes and the given trip duration. If the actually travelled distance is exceeded—for reasons lying in the area of the customer or passengers, or if safety demands it, or traffic-related needs exist—then the corresponding additional mileage will be billed retroactively. Up to an additional €50 will be billed per started hour if the agreed travel time is exceeded.
  2. Blaguss Minibus Service is liable for the timely provision of running cars ordered in writing unless there are circumstances that Blaguss Minibus Service could not avert despite all reasonable measures. Blaguss Minibus Service is not liable for claims by passengers who fail to arrive on time at intermediate stops at the departure time announced by the driver or tour guide. Blaguss Minibus Service is not liable for claims from passengers who have to been left behind because they do not have the required identification documents (valid passport, visa, etc.) with them. Likewise there is no liability for late arrival in the intermediate stopping places or at the destination.
  3. The bus may be occupied by at most the commissioned number of passengers.
  4. Each passenger may, at his or her own risk, bring and retain items (hand luggage) free of charge that can be easily accommodated within his or her own seating area and stored without bothering other passengers.Travel luggage must be packed and sealed so that the contents are protected against loss, deterioration, or damage. The owner’s name and mailing address must be given on the pieces of luggage. Dangerous, bulky, or otherwise unusual pieces of luggage can be excluded from being taken along. Travel luggage will only be taken along on the basis of available cargo space. The passenger has to check for himself that his luggage has been loaded into the bus. Blaguss Minibus Service is not liable for pieces of luggage that have been lost from the bus after unloading. In the same way liability is disclaimed when pieces of luggage stay or are forgotten overnight on the bus.

    Blaguss Minibus Service is liable for any loss, deterioration, or damage to transported luggage during transport according to existing motor traffic regulations, particularly those under the provisions of the Commercial Code concerning the rights and obligations of a cargo carrier as well as the provisions of the Civil Code.

    In the case of liability, Blaguss Minibus Service shall be obliged to pay up to the amount of proven damages; however at most up to 55 euros per piece of luggage. There is liability neither for travel luggage delivered defectively packaged, damaged, or unsealed nor for cash and valuables.

  5. When a passenger soils or damages the vehicle or its pieces of equipment, the responsible party has to pay for the cleaning or repair costs, as well as possible loss of earnings due to downtimes.
  6. Animals that can be transported without any threat or harassment of passengers may be carried with the driver’s or tour guide’s approval.
  7. The driver is obliged to comply with the prescribed pauses during the travel service.
  8. In case of withdrawal from the contract by the client, the client has to reimburse Blaguss for travel costs already incurred, however at least €20 handling fee. When the customer withdraws from the contract beginning with the 21st work day before the ordered date, an additional 10%, beginning with the 14th work day before the ordered date, 40%, and beginning with the 7th work day before the ordered date, 70%, of the agreed upon fee, or that resulting from the order, shall be billed as a cancellation fee. If the cancellation occurs on the day of the ordered date or immediately preceding a Sunday or public holiday, the cancellation fee shall be 90% of the agreed payment.
  9. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, payments with debt-discharging effect can be made to Blaguss Minibus Service, or directly to the driver.
  10. Legal jurisdiction is Vienna.
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