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Information for parents

Important information for parents before school starts

  1. There is NO transport service on the first and last day of school. Parents must bring the children to and from school on those days.
  2. The head office will provide you with the exact pick-up time. Please ensure that your child is standing at the front door or agreed meeting point at the time agreed upon.
  3. Please ensure that you can be reached by telephone before the transport service’s pick-up or arrival time. The driver reports a few minutes in advance and discloses the exact arrival time.
  4. Please report immediately to the head office when your child is ill or does not need transport service for other reasons. It is just as important to re-register your child in the head office after a break. This must be done on the preceding WORK DAY by 2:00 p.m. at the latest.
  5. If you change your residence, you must inform the school in a timely manner about the new residence address. The competent municipal department must approve the new pick-up address. You must convey this information to the school as soon as possible to guarantee uninterrupted transport.
  6. You must bring your child to school yourself if he or she misses the bus (e.g. sleeps in). No additional vehicle can be sent in this case.
  7. Weather conditions or heavy traffic situation can cause delays. If the transport service’s bus does not arrive at the agreed upon time, please wait ten minutes before calling the head office. The competent dispatchers will take care of clarifying the situation.
  8. Someone must be present to meet your child after he or she returns from the child care facility. The driver and assistant driver have been strictly instructed to deliver the children to their parents at the house door. If the parents are not at home, the driver will attempt to reach them by telephone. If this is not possible, the Youth Welfare Office will be involved. The child stays in the car until then.
    If you believe that your child may go home alone, then please report that to the head office. You can sign a personal consent declaration in this case.
  9. Please speak with your child and explain proper behaviour in the bus. Children must remain buckled up, not throwing things around, and the like. Persistent, inappropriate behaviour may result in exclusion from transport after consultation with the competent municipal department. In this case you must bring your child to the child care facility yourself.
  10. Eating is not permitted during the trip. Drinking from a drinking bottle is allowed. If your child requires medication, you must administer it to him or her before the trip starts. The driver/assistant driver are strictly forbidden to do so.
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